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The 2012 RV Tour

For new readers to the site, or old readers who haven't been paying attention, I live in my small RV. I bought my first RV in 2007, and except for short term travel rentals, I haven't lived in a house or apartment or any other non-wheeled dwelling since then. This sounds rather extreme, but I honestly don't feel like I live in a car.

When I'm parked my RV feels like a small house, complete with all of the comforts of a stationary home. Of course, these niceties haven't come easily-- I've spent hundreds of hours working on my RV, coming up with new ideas and implementing them in the home depot parking lot. Because I actually live in this thing and the improvement process is ongoing, it's never possible to say that I'm done. That said-- I can't really imagine too much more that I can do to this thing. I only have one or two big ideas left, and no immediate plans to implement them.

Here's what's new this round:

1. Painted everything. For a long time I've been hesitant to paint the RV, because I worried that the paint wouldn't stick to the disgusting fake-wood walls. Luckily an all purpose primer did the job. My RV is only 20' long, but it took me fifteen hours to mask the whole interior, prime everything, and then layer on two coats of paint. It was the first time I'd ever painted anything, and most of the time was spent dealing with all of the weird little angles and protrusions. As I mention in the video, I was hoping to get a grey color, but somehow ended up with blue. I'm not entirely sure how that happened, but I do remember saying, "I'm sick of picking colors... let's do this one."

starting a blog

On TheNorthlandBlog

well here it goes...even after the first couple words i get the urge to push the delete button and start over... but there will be no starting over no redo.... if the blog gets all tangled up, blog on my friends.... that is one of the job perks of the blogger, no editor...

I'm new to this game but i'm guessing that at the beginning of a blog there should be some sort of statement clarifying what this is all about. There is a plot to this story. A few months back... after years of thinking about it, we finally packed it up, sold it, threw it out rounded up the kinder ( all six of em) gassed up our new used RV and headed north to alaska... something i'd been promising for well over a decade. There was no house or job waiting for us... we just kind of bulldozed out way up here with a pocketful of money, which was much smaller unfortunately when we arrived.... since then, after living in the RV for a month in a campground out on the homer spit we have found a nice little four bedroom in town and several employment stints.

so we're making it happen.... ideally i would have started the blog the day we left philly... in fact we did do a "vlog" for the first few weeks till the stress got to me and i said to hell with the vlog... looking back i regret that. nevertheless things have settled down, been wanting to do this for a long time now. so let the blog begin.

there are three phases, i tell the kids...the first of which was the actual physical move up here ( from the city of brotherly love- philadelphia ) the second phase is securing a house, finding steady work and getting financing... for the third phase of buying a piece of land and building the homestead, at which point this blog comes to an end, once the last nail is driven.

Besides the progress of that plan i think i'll be offering some views on the current state of affairs, from elmo to putin and everything in between..... three of the books i recently read had titles like this " the great stagnation".... " the great deformation" and " the great degeneration".... and i'll give you that maybe it was my own pessimistic bias that had me reach for these books in the first place, nevertheless, to he who is paying attention the future feels awfully heavy these days, and for the father who is prepping to send his brood out into the world, it is all too easy to get cynical and worried... yet , to the best of my ability i will do my utmost to stay as positive and constructive as possible. i heard an old couple complaining about how things used to be, and i too have been guilty of looking backwards.... but the last thing this country needs is negativity and complaining. I forget the book, maybe starship troopers? ( in the blogosphere absolutely nothing needs to be factchecked) the troopers would answer with

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