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How am I doing on my Goals?

So back in January, I wrote out my 7 goals for the year. It's been two months, so let's see how I'm doing :

1. Become FULLY polyphasic

I'm close on this one. Many days I go perfectly, sometimes if I have nothing to do I oversleep and then skip some naps during the day. I'm actually pretty satisfied with that, as I'm only sleeping 2.5-4.5 hours per night, I'm never tired, and can always count on being awake early and staying up late. I'll keep pressing to be more consistent, but I'm satisfied with where I am.

Me: Laziness at its Finest

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Mini Intervention for Myself

At the beginning of summer, I was super motivated to do other work along with my teaching. It was going well, until about 1-2 weeks ago. I don't know why, but I just don't feel like doing work anymore. Either I need time to recuperate from long days or I'm just not motivated.

I feel it's the latter: I'm just not motivated. I predict that the reason for my lack of motivation is the idealistic, highly-structured weekly plans I create for myself. They limit creativity and constrict me to a rigorous schedule.

"Carpe Diem." I need to start doing extra work, but creating such an elaborate outline is unnecessary. I did have an unstructured one for last week and it failed. However, I hypothesize that this may be due to extra duties at work in the past week.

My blog has also been sub-par. My goal in order to blog everyday has failed, disastrously. I must blog everyday (or at least an average of), no matter what the subject. As long as it's interesting, I should blog about something.

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