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Make Me Your Guinea Pig

The other day I signed up for a 10 day meditation class/retreat/experience. Way back when I was in LA a friend of mine raved about this particular practice, Vipassana. I meant to go, but ten days was a lot to spare and I didn't get around to it. Since then I think of doing it a couple times a year, but never end up fitting it in. Finally, two days ago, I put my name on a waiting list for a session in California, where I estimate I'll be by the time it comes around.

I don't know much about the particular practice, although the blurbs on the site sound promising. They say things like, "see things as they actually are". Who wouldn't want that?

The real appeal of going, though, is the extremity of it. It's ten days straight of meditating for nine hours. Complete silence. Simple meals, tea, and simple lodging. That's at least ninety hours of meditation I will have under my belt by the time I leave.

Irrationality & Economics

On A Germinating Seed

This semester, I'm actually really excited about my classes. I spent the last year and half taking breadth (general education) requirements. I still have some to go, but I had a lot more freedom this semester to take whatever I wanted.

One of the classes that I'm most excited about is a class called Public Policy C103: Wealth and Poverty taught by Robert Reich. This was the turn out for the first day of class.

(Photo credit: Michelle Galemmo)

The lecture hall is designed to fit about 750 people. But, there are about 300 people on the waitlist, so about 1000 showed up. I sat on the floor in the waaaay back.

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