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Six Awesome Things

I woke up this morning at 4:46am. I went to sleep at 11:30pm, so that's approaching reasonable. As soon as I woke up I began thinking of how great some things are, so I got my laptop and now I'm in the dark writing about them. That's inspirado.

1. Blankets. How cool is it that blankets don't use any electricity? If I was a supreme deity of the earth and one of my minions said, "Look at those humans. They're making big cotton pancakes and sleeping underneath them because they think that will keep them warm," I would seriously question why I built humans in the first place.

It's just so cool that we generate enough body heat to keep ourselves warm like that. I would expect that it would help maybe, but that we'd still need external heat.

Baby Carrier Face Off: Our Quest to Avoid Hip Dysplasia

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Sue and I have known from way back that we want to have as much skin-to-skin time with our daughter as possible. In fact, we haven't even purchased a stroller because we want to carry Devina to achieve this goal.

Originally, we were using a Britax carrier which was given to us by some friends, and I loved. But we started reading blogs which warned of issues that could arise with carriers that leave a baby's legs dangling, which the Britax (as well as a Baby Bjorn carrier we had) did. Specifically, articles like this:

Here it is illustrated:

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