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Take Over One of My Businesses

So, a few days ago I decided to drop everything and focus on Life Nomadic. I've done the focusing, now it's time to do the dropping.

I'm hoping that some or all of my businesses can be taken over by readers. As I've met readers over the years I've been really impressed with most of them and would trust them to run my businesses.

For each I'm happy to stay involved in a minimal role, offering advice and strategy, doing interviews to promote things, etc. I just can't be involved in running them or worrying about them. When I've been in this role in previous businesses, things have gone very well.

Early On a Sunday Morning

On Where Pianos Roam

Wow, it's finally August!!!  This is a big month for me as I celebrate my birthday and acknowledge another year of living.  I thought I'd take some time to share with you all some upcoming changes. Mainly, I'll be unveiling a few new things .  .  . 1.  My brand new newsletter, "The Wonderful World of Gordon" (The WWoG) Over the last three years, I've been building a sizable e-mail list and have been sending monthly e-mails about my recording efforts, shows, and various other projects.  I'll be continuing to do so now, but in a much more streamlined and visually appealing fashion.  New features in this monthly newsletter will be a poetry corner and contests to win free prizes. If you haven't subscribed to receive the WWoG, you can do so by clicking right HERE. 2.  New promo photos. A few weeks ago, I did a fun photo shoot at a private, undisclosed location and the results of this event will be unveiled on all of my websites.  My sister Lullette took some very cool  photos.  Look for new images to start randomly popping up everywhere! As a preview, here's an outtake of me just chillin' out during this session. 3.  gordonroque(dot)com will be getting a makeover. Heavy construction will be going on at my official website.  It's time to give it a little more pizzazz, accessibility, and a few extra features.  Keep checking back at http://www.gordonroque.com to see the changes as they happen.  Incidentally, this blog will undergo some minor construction of its own.   An archive site for previous episodes of The Adventures of Oreo and Buttercup is being built.  By the end of the month, only the current episodes will be posted in the Oreo Gallery. 4.  New Shows Through August and September, I'll be announcing my new performance schedule for the fall and early winter.  There will be newer music, funky covers, and maybe some  little flashes of hilarity here and there.  I'll also be performing in some new cities around the southeast US--all in an effort to spread my wings out just a wee bit further. So, as you can see, there is much going on with me.  I do, however, plan on taking some much needed downtime in September once all of this is finished. More details to come soon. Hope you all have a sweet, lazy Sunday. -g

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