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Looking For a Coach? I'm Taking on Two More Clients

A little over a year ago a reader bought enough copies of Superhuman Social Skills to get a free one-hour coaching call. The call went well and I could tell that she was serious about making change. I hadn't considered doing coaching on an ongoing basis, but she asked and offered me enough to make it worth my while, so I agreed.

Since then it's been a really great arrangement. She's made tremendous progress so far, I feel invested in her life and enjoy seeing the results of a little bit advice mixed with a lot of diligence and commitment to her goals on her part.

So I'm going to take on two more clients. A good candidate would be someone who has read a lot of my blog and resonates with my way of thinking and my approach to life and is willing to put in the work. I think I have the greatest ability to help with habits, social skills, and living an authentic and satisfying life. If you feel stuck or plateaued or constrained by options, this may be for you.

Here's what my one current client has to say:

Gratitude Tracking


One of the general life goals I've got is to be more grateful. I knew I wanted to do this for a while, but had an opportunity a couple weeks ago. On 17 August I had my phone and some dead time, and I remembered I wanted to start tracking gratitude better. So I started making a list of things I'm grateful for.

I was just cleaning my iPhone notes, and found the list:

Gratittude - grateful for good friends. Chris having me as a guest. Chase and I working on creativity. Talking biz with Anthony. Coffee. Miu Ne. Beach. Swimming. Working muscles. Good juice. Bread, rice, eating healthy. Smart people. Hacker News. Self discipline. Technology. Jailbreaking my iPhone. Massage. Learning how civilization emerges by walking through the slums. Walking by the canal. The motorbike ride back that passed by the train, watching the train pass. Walking in the park with the cool animal garden sculptures. Learning how to negotiate here. Commander Marshall's circus. Working on critical thinking, meditations, SDS. Pho. Rice. Fish. The really good seafood. Playing Risk with Chase and Anthony. Talking philosophy with David. Paul Graham wrote back to me after I said thanks to him and that I think he goes down as greatest philosopher of this era. Yifei is awesome to do business with. Swapping ideas with Bren. Working for CDefine, first client. Learning. Reading ultimate sales machine. Live music at habana. Heading out to a nightclub first time in a long while. Not sleeping too much. Chris's cleaning lady washing my clothing. I feel strong. Habits improving. people reading my blog. First guestpost. The meteor shower at 3AM

It was fun doing that - was sitting and waiting to eat Korean food, had nothing to read, and didn't have my headphones to listen to audio. So I started clicking around and listing down some things that went well the week before. It's amazing how much there is - I'd like to do this more often going forwards. It's really nice.

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