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Why I Take Ballet Classes, And Why I Like Them

About eight months ago, I had the idea that maybe I should be doing something to work on flexibility and posture, like yoga. I've taken yoga in the past and liked it, but never really loved it enough to stick with it. Maybe I'll try ballet, I thought.

A lot of members of my family and extended family have taken ballet, as have a disproportionately high percentage of girls I've dated. Through them I've been exposed to it in bits and pieces, and I always admired the discipline of it. Ballet is so exacting and precise that even after years of work it's still near impossible, but ballet dancers press on despite that. I always admired the tenacity it seemed to build.

I also like going to ballets, as long as they're not modern ballet. Between seeing all the good things that came out of others doing ballet and thinking it may help me appreciate watching ballet more, I figured I'd take one class and try it out. The fact that it was weird for a straight guy to take ballet probably factored in, as well.

I was pretty much hooked at my first class. In life I like the idea of working as hard as humanly possible but still trying to make it look good on the outside, and ballet was the dance form that reflected that. It felt great to wake up on Sunday morning, ride my motorcycle downtown, and then slip on ballet shoes, stretch out, and learn something difficult and physical.

Video Promo for Exit/In Show on March 21

On Where Pianos Roam

A new thing I'll be doing this year will be promotional videos for shows and upcoming events.  Video and video editing is something I've wanted to take on for quite a while, and so, I am making baby steps toward that end. 

This past weekend I unveiled a little Promo video for my show this coming Sunday at the Exit/In in Nashville.  Many folks have never actually seen me perform live even though they may already have some of my songs.  So then, of course, my goal was simple:  to give people a taste what they might expect when they see me perform. 

I decided to play a song called "Arabesque".  It's probably the most classically-influenced piece I've written.  It's a challenge to play but a ton of fun. 

Heavy on the arpeggios and calling on my love for Russian and Baroque-style classical music, it's a fanciful little tune about a father expressing his pride over watching his son dance ballet and ultimately fulfill a life-long dream .  .  .

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