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I Eat Meat Now

Before I get into that, I want to explain why I eat what I eat, so that people considering changes based on my opinion can make sure that my goals align with theirs. I choose what I eat for long term health and longevity. That's it. I love animals and think they should be treated kindly, but if factory farmed meat would make me healthier, I would eat it. Taste is important within the range of healthy foods, but if styrofoam packing peanuts were the secret to health, I'd be pounding them down. I don't eat to gain association with any group or subculture. Whether I'm considered vegan, vegetarian, paleo, carnivore, or anything else doesn't matter to me.

I'm not trying to be right yesterday, I'm trying to be right today. Sometimes that means admitting that I was wrong and making the best change I can. I base my identity around adapting quickly to the best information I can find, not clinging to the previous best information.

Also, I don't care how much money I spend on healthy food. If $5 buys me a meal that's somewhat healthy and $10 buys me a meal that is completely healthy, I will pay the $10. The act of eating is amongst the most intimate processes we undergo. The food we choose alters our bodies, minds, and futures. That makes it a top priority financially and otherwise. I once read an exchange where someone asked someone else why healthy food was so expensive. Because it's more valuable, he replied.

Gluten Free

On NWO Solutions

I’ve gone gluten free over the past 7 months and have to say that the changes have been incredible. I always had it in the back of my head that wheat was not good for me, and that I shouldn’t eat it, but would completely forget about this when I was ordering a large BBQ chicken pizza at 11:30pm. I would always feel god awful the morning after, but it took me a really long time to put two and two together. Going Gluten Free (GF) and then basically grain free has been life changing for me. I remember at its worst, I literally cried myself to sleep because my skin problems related to eating gluten were so painful. It is an intense process that I think is pretty similar to detox, and considering how gluten is in nearly all processed foods and restaurants, it is doubly hard.

My symptoms were the reason I explored dietary changes. My main problem was my scalp, it was extremely irritated, flaky, and at times even had open sores. I vividly remember going to the hairdresser's to get my hair cut. He was freaking out about my scalp. It was basically a series of open sores that were slowly bleeding, like a pimple that had just been popped. It got to the point where I thought that he might call me an ambulance due to his level of concern. It was super awkward and I was really embarrassed. From then on, I have cut my own hair.

It was a chronic condition, so I figured it must be a lifestyle issue. I changed my shampoo, conditioner, used different oils on my scalp, and even put my own urine on my scalp, in hopes of fixing it. Nothing worked.

I then started changing up my diet. I read The China Study by Dr. Campbell, and figured that it might be meat that is causing my problems. So I went vegetarian. Was still having problems, so I decided to take it further. I had joined a raw food ‘cooking’ class, at a local organic food store. The women hosting it explained how she was on the 80/10/10 diet, which is basically where all you eat is fruit. It all sounded really good, so I hopped on. I ate nothing but fruit for 3 weeks. It was a super cool experiment in and of itself, but was too difficult to maintain. I needed to be eating at least 15 to 20 pieces of ripe fruit every day to simply get enough calories, which wasn't only expensive, but impossible with the selection that my grocery store had.

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