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MaxDiet Week: What's Wrong With Meat?

Cutting out sugars and refined flours, as we talked about last time, probably offers the most significant opportunity to improve your diet. Unlike sugar, meat is not all bad. It does in fact have nutrients in it which are readily used by your body.

Unfortunately for steak lovers (my former self included), the negatives associated with eating meat far outweigh the positives (including that buttery rich taste that we all love so much).

There are two major problems with eating meat is well as the issue of animal rights, which I'll get into at the end.

Early on a Sunday Morning

On Where Pianos Roam

Have a flower! It's been a busy week. My nephew had a birthday.  My sister had to stay overnight at the hospita.  I started a new job. I took O and B to the park. On Thursday, I sang a few songs at Cafe Coco. I went out to the gym four different mornings to work out, and on tv, I got to view the spectacle that was the opening ceremonies of the Summer Olympics in Beijing, China. (Brilliantly done!) Due to allergies, I've also been sneezing, coughing, and aching a whole lot. Understandably, I just spent almost all of the last 12 hours in bed sleeping. Fatigue certainly does happen. I've just woken up, and I feel like I could still sleep for at least another 5 hours. Oddly enough, I know I probably had a few dreams, but I don't remember any of them. I wish I did. The rest of August and all of this fall promises to be just as hectic if not more so. Promotion for the new album starts on 8/28-my birthday, of course. I'll also have at least one show every month that I'll need to heavily promote and prepare for. Things are going to get a little crazy, but part of me can't wait for it all to finally happen. I'm going to spend the rest of August getting the album art done and finishing up the website re-vamp. This blog, as you can see, has already seen some changes. The full website (gordonroque.com) will be seeing even more. As daunting as all of this feels, I've learned from the past about the importance of planning ahead, keeping things simple, and pacing oneself appropriately. I've decide that for every big accomplishment, I'm going to treat myself to sushi. There's a Publix grocery store near my house that sells small packs of yummy sushi. I hope to be visiting there a little more frequently. For the big challenges that I will overcome, I'll be eating sushi at one of my favorite restaurants--RuSan's. They serve sushi buffet!!!! In other words, heaven on earth!!! I think it's really important to treat oneself every time something difficult is accomplished. My friend Kathy and I have been talking about this a great deal lately. She eats ice cream as her prize, and this makes her life so much happier. She says that one's prize has to be something that is enjoyable, harmless, and a bit forbidden. In her case, the dairy, high-calorie content, and high sugar content of ice cream should make it a no-no for someone trying to maintain a healthy diet, but she has a small cup of it whenever she gets through something difficult. She earns her ice cream and enjoys it more because she shouldn't be eating it. (It's also just so delicious.) When I think of sushi, my mouth waters. I hope to be eating plenty of it in the months to come. I hope you all have a wonderful week. -g

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