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Movie Theater Mischief

I'd driven by dozens of times and never noticed it. Tucked away from the main parking lot, vines had begun to cover the corners of the building. Pieces of sheet metal were hanging from what once might have been a modern looking building.

A Wheel of Fortune aficionado may have been able to make sense of the remaining letters on the marquee. It probably said "Home Alone", "Kindergarten Cop", and "House Party" or some other movies from 1990.

That's when the movie theater was shut down. It was built on the edge of a hill, and half of it was now a few inches down that hill. The building had cracked apart and been condemned.

Dreaming of the end of the world

On Alan's Journey

I woke up during the night from an extremely vivid dream, that even now, hours after waking up again normally, is still clear in my head. It was the end of the world.

I can't remember how the end of the world started, but I remember me and my fiance (Fanfan) leaving the house. We were overlooking a harbour, and there was an asteroid in the centre of the harbour, having crashed into it. I didn't see the crash, but as I was looking at it I thought it was odd that there wasn't a huge crater, and the water was being sucked towards it instead of being abruptly pushed away from it.

We climbed a path to the top of a hill, but in the dream I had a bird's eye view of us climbing the path as it circled the hill towards the peak, and the climb happened in the space of a few seconds.

When we were standing on top of the hill, we were holding each other. I think I was looking at the people down below as they were madly rushing about, quickly going nowhere. Then I looked into the sky and there were burning white cubes appearing in the sky and racing towards us. They were how you'd imagine asteroids to look as they burned brightly while streaking through the atmosphere, but they were cube-shaped asteroids. And they were fixed instead of revolving.

I had no time to ponder upon that, however. I said to Fanfan, "Look at that." She turned her head to look at these asteroids streaking towards us - there was probably four of them - and she just made a squeaking sound as she buried her face in my chest again. I continued looking at them as they got closer - probably another couple of seconds - and then they were on us.

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