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Fired might be a harsh word, but as of today I no longer work at the glorious Smiley Media. Working there was really fun, and I learned some interesting things, but at the end of the day I don't think I'm really meant to work in an office.

The only part I'll really miss are the people at Smiley Media. Steve is really good at hiring interesting people, so it was fun to be in that type of atmosphere every day. Unfortunately I never really "got into" the work, and thus I wasn't nearly as effective as I should have been. I felt somewhat guilty about that the whole time, occasionally pushing myself to be more useful, but found it hard to maintain. Since I helped hire two really good employees for the company, I may still help them find more, so if you're awesome and want to work there, let me know.

Now here's the thing: Smiley was such an awesome place to work, and I still couldn't hack it. This means that there is no way I will ever get a job again. The only possible exception is a really cool experiment that I'll be conducting soon, but you'll agree that it hardly counts.

New List: Uncensored Thoughts

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The writing that makes its way to my website has gone through tons and tons of hoops. I will rarely admit that I know nothing, and if I do, I put out a plan to correct that.

But at the same time, I'm sixteen years old, and I have tons of unformed or half-formed ideas and thoughts left inside that I actually really want to talk about.

This is a list that puts out whatever I want. It's going to be written very differently from the site's content. I want to have conversations. I want people smarter than me to tell me how they feel about what I'm talking about. Here's a basic rundown of topics:

Basically, this list is my own support/mastermind group. But instead of pitying me or telling me that I'm the best, I want people who challenge me and introduce me to new ideas.

As I said in the Year in Review post, the best way to challenge your ideas is to talk to people. This is my workaround.

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