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Two Weeks in Panama

Boy, what an exciting title!

We've been here for almost two weeks. Living in a new place makes you notice all of the little things. Things that would never be written in a guidebook, because they're too insignificant, but together create the atmosphere you live in.

We haven't had much of a chance to go out and see the sights. We spend most of the day in the living room working. We eat almonds and drink water, and listen to the traffic below us.

Adoption Journey, Day 3 (Det er sommer, det er sol og det er søndag)

On The Lunde Adoption Blog 2014

This is the first photo of me in Colombia since my adoption five years ago. It was taken yesterday (on Day 2) at the exit from the airport.

Day 2 had a good start and a good finish, it was just the middle part that was very boring. Stepping off a long, slightly delayed flight, consisting of 11 hours crammed into a small, 275-seat Airbus 340 (as opposed to a Boeing 747, like last time, or even an Airbus 380), we were met at the airport by the same driver who had picked up my parents when they came to Colombia in 2009 to adopt me: The always smiling, always helpful Reinaldo Daza! He made us feel relaxed and safe by speaking only Norwegian with us! (In Colombia, unlike the part of the world where we live, people generally don't understand any English. You're lucky if you meet someone who can speak it with any fluency. Body language and a handful of Spanish words will usually get you much further.)

Reinaldo took us to the hotel. On the way he told us that there are already three other Norwegian couples there, each one with a little child that they are in the process of adopting!

The hotel is quite nice. We have a "de luxe" apartment on the 5th floor, with our own kitchen, two bathrooms, and even a fireplace in the living room (not that we need it!).

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