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Minor Details

We just found out that we need visas for Taiwan. We probably should have thought about that before, but every problem is an opportunity. If we can't take care of this while we're in LA then we'll take a side trip to the Philippines or something so that we're not there for more than 30 days.

The power cord on my laptop broke the other day. I searched around Panama trying to find a replacement, but there wasn't one in sight. Right now we have a system where Todd charges batteries with his laptop and swaps them out with my dying ones. It's kind of like buddy breathing.

It seemed like we had so much time here, but all of a sudden we're leaving in two weeks. I can't believe how fast the trip has been going so far. We're just starting to feel like we're settling in. We have our routines that we go through, all of the friendly people we've gotten to know at all the places we frequent, and we even know our way around the city.

Helping Others

On John Dobbs at Sett

I've been stuck in life more times that I'd like to admit; however, there's a way to get going, and after that to keep going. It's living with an outward focus. Mere continuous meaningless activity can't satisfy our deepest desires, though it temporarily satisfies some.

While it's OK to focus on ourselves at times, doing it more than we look outward can breed selfishness and dissatisfaction. We're not wired to only help ourselves. We're social beings so we crave intimacy with others. Thus, we're driven to reach out to others.

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