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VIDEO: The Pacific-Atlantic Road Race

It's a few days before our car rental is up, and not many more before Todd leaves Panama. This calls for some sort of grand finale.

"How long does it take to drive from one ocean to another?"

We look it up and find out two key pieces of information. One: it's a pretty short distance, less than forty-five miles in a straight line. Two: there doesn't seem to be any posted record for swimming in both the Atlantic and Pacific in the shortest amount of time possible.

The Birds of Zingst

On Curious Tim

Cameras that look like sniper rifles, thousands of people and we're all lined up to see some birds migrate in at dusk.

I'm a nature nerd and I have to say seeing a thousand birds flock to the wetlands for a safe place to sleep is pretty cool, but as I looked around I realized that nature was imitating nature. Here are thousands of humans flocking to the site that thousands of birds flock to. How do the birds know it's time to fly? Is there one bird that knows and leads the rest? How do the humans know it's time to go home? Is it after 10 people walk to the parking or is it the sky darkening to black.

It's strange how a crowd can attract a crowd, even when it comes to other animals. What is it that we are being drawn to, being a part of a group, not missing out on what other humans think is interesting, or is it simply a call to appreciate nature. There are thousands of micro cues we get from each other everyday and it's nice to be able to step back and appreciate them. What we decide is acceptable behavior is only acceptable because we think it is. If we only live 100 years the planet gets renewed with a fresh batch of people that retain what we've accepted as best.

I look at myself and think, am I living a life and perpetuating what I want future generations to know?

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