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VIDEO: The Pacific-Atlantic Road Race

It's a few days before our car rental is up, and not many more before Todd leaves Panama. This calls for some sort of grand finale.

"How long does it take to drive from one ocean to another?"

We look it up and find out two key pieces of information. One: it's a pretty short distance, less than forty-five miles in a straight line. Two: there doesn't seem to be any posted record for swimming in both the Atlantic and Pacific in the shortest amount of time possible.


On Observations on Society

SUNDAY 7.50pm


“It's not even black,” remarks one amongst the crowd, without displaying the slightest hint of irony, “it's purple.” Those within earshot shoot ridiculing glances at the evidently dimwitted youth; someone calls him a “muppet”. He runs his finger defiantly along the newest colourful addition to Beck's iconic diagram of the tube network, emphasizing his wisdom.

The crowd is varying in content; some jovial, absorbing the atmosphere as if it is almost carnival-like, some less so, angry, furious even. And in their midst, a small element is terrified.

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