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The Voice Box

I wasn't going to write this story because I think it was a super crappy thing for me to do and I'm not particularly proud of it. Then I told the story to a friend the other day and cracked up so much that I realized I had to write it.

Many years ago, when I was still in college, I was perhaps even more prone to prankery than I am now. I sat at a friends house, bored, playing with the stupid utilities that came with all Macintosh computers. One of them was the text to speech application. After the obligatory profanities, I got down to business. I called Pizza Hut and tried to type fast enough to carry on a conversation. It wasn't quite doable. The clerk on the other end got frustrated and eventually, with an air of resignation, said, "Ma'am (it was a woman's voice on the program), do you just want a pizza for free?".

I cackled with glee (not synthesized) and gave a phony address. My friends and I laughed and rejoiced until we realized that our trophy was sent to someone else's house. Then we felt cheated.

Cards 2 - 7| New Orleans

On A Card's Worth of Words

Since I'm already behind and since these cards have some kind of string holding them all together, I might as well post them all in one post.

Sunday 5 January 2014

Due to the weather conditions, my travel companions and I were stuck in the airport for several hours. We were freezing, and so were the planes. One of them thought that we would have to stay in a nearby hotel if the flight was cancelled (a good amount of them already were). After a while, we started talking about swimming. This leads to the strangeness you see on this card.

Monday 6 January 2014

We decided to kick of Mardi Gras season with the Joan of Arc Parade. Believing we would be escaping the cold weather, none of us were prepared for what hit us that night. After a day of volunteering in moderate conditions, we were not expecting this. The parade was a nice end to the day.

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