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MaxDiet Week: Objections

Here are a few objections raised in the comments. Although I've answered a few already, I want to put the bulk of them together in one spot.

1. Other things are dangerous too. Why eat healthy if you're not going to take EVERY precaution?

This is a pretty good question, especially aimed at me because I do tend to do fairly dangerous things occasionally.

Does Exercise Alone Lead to Weight Loss? Surprisingly, it depends on your mindset...

On Musings of a Dick

As my most astute readers already know, I don't think that exercise – especially cardio – in and of itself is a very viable solution to weight loss. In fact, I'd go as far as to make the argument that exercise is not necessarily for everyone just starting out with fitness.

Now, I'm probably in disagreement with 99% of the population here (which should tell you something about going against the grain, since I probably get the top 1% of results from sedentary individuals), but I'm not alone.

I've written about this before. Cardio is just not a good ROI of your time, because it's not an effective weight loss therapy. And thankfully, other reputable folk have a similar opinion.

Yet, I've also met a non-trivial amount of people in the wild who claim to have lost weight with exercise – mostly cardio – and no explicit dietary intervention. (I can only name one person who claims that she dropped a considerable amount of weight from strength training alone with no dietary intervention.) These stories cannot automatically be disregarded.

Naturally, this got me thinking. Is there a certain cohort out there that successfully loses weight from exercise alone? If so, what's different about them?

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