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That One Time I Danced

I'd managed to go twenty something years without ever actually dancing, but it was becoming increasingly clear that my streak was going to end tonight. I'd always envied people who could dance. They made it look so easy and fun, which was how it was when I danced in the mirror, but the thought of dancing in front of other people mortified me.

"Come on, man. Go with them! Dance!"

We had met a couple girls on the cruise, and like any girls, they wanted to dance. Somehow all girls are built with this ability, while a good number of us guys become borderline disabled when led to a dance floor. I noticed that in direct contrast to his goading, my friend wasn't making any effort to join the dancing masses himself.

Four MAJOR Gifts + ONE.

On The Mad Ink3r

I remember about five years ago, I discovered something unique about myself. Having been blessed with four talents, one more was added onto the list. I attended an all art school for entertainers, and I was packing with the singing, modeling, dancing, and acting until I uncovered the greatest gift I didn't know I possessed. Writing was the ultimate gift that I was blessed with, after discovering that after a huge opportunity had come along for me in the acting world, there was just something that I loved a little more. You ever did something crazy just to prove a point? Yep... that's me all the way! Who would've known that I'd turn down the opportunity of being on Disney Channel just to pursue a career in writing?

I've written a drama-romance novel called Sword Of Love; A Parisian Love, and that was the first serious piece I'd ever done. My mother couldn't believe that I had written something so well, in fact she thought I "borrowed" someone else's idea. I could birth so much creation that it would benefit me mentally, physically, spiritually, and emotionally. How many great writers do you know that will stop what they're doing to personally engage with their audience? Actually, NOT MANY! Everyone likes a story with a little imagination and color, something perhaps like Alice In Wonderland .... well consider me the dancing clown when it comes to inking up everything that I see. I'd like to refer to myself as The Mad Ink3r (one who is insane for creative empowerment).

I have all these gifts but I only care to share ONE with the world. Welcome to my world of insanity and Ink, a place where it's guaranteed you'll have something to read and talk about. Now, how 'bout them Mad Ink3rs? Are there any other writers in the house?


If you enjoy drama-romance (Parisian style) please purchase yourself a copy of my book. =)

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