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That One Time I Danced

I'd managed to go twenty something years without ever actually dancing, but it was becoming increasingly clear that my streak was going to end tonight. I'd always envied people who could dance. They made it look so easy and fun, which was how it was when I danced in the mirror, but the thought of dancing in front of other people mortified me.

"Come on, man. Go with them! Dance!"

We had met a couple girls on the cruise, and like any girls, they wanted to dance. Somehow all girls are built with this ability, while a good number of us guys become borderline disabled when led to a dance floor. I noticed that in direct contrast to his goading, my friend wasn't making any effort to join the dancing masses himself.

Early On a " Sunday " Morning

On Where Pianos Roam

Okay, so it's not the morning.  The late arrival of this blog post is the result of a weekend gone amiss.  I wound up going to an outdoor concert/bbq/bonfire on Saturday night and then ventured out for some late night dancing.  Finally getting into bed at 4 AM was not conducive to morning blogging.  I also had a very busy Sunday, and so, oh well.  That's just how it goes. I wanted to share a little bit about what I've been up to.  I have various art projects in the works. There is a big knitting project that I've been working on consisting of a bunch of knitted squares that will be sewn together to make a throw blanket.  I needed a change of pace from all of the scarves I've been knitting. I've also decided to do some renovation projects around the house.  I want to paint some rooms and start infusing more color in my surroundings.  All those hours watching HGTV shall not go to waste. Last week, I had painted a design for the shirt I wore at my show at Manifest Discs.  I will be painting more t-shirts for myself both for casual wear and performances.  I have a bunch of ideas. Lastly, I have been working on a lot of new music.  I cannot say for sure where it is all going (though I do have a vague idea in mind).  I will be going to back to basics over the next few months.  Daily piano practice, exploring other people's music by playing them, and the constant searching and unearthing that songwriting is.   I am enjoying this the most because I often surprise myself.  I honestly don't know if I'm really any good at this, but I certainly enjoy the heck out of it. Well, this is just a small snippet of what I am up to.  I'd rather be doing something interesting and fun than being bored. Have a great week folks! -g

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