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I took a nap in the middle of my awake period because I was so tired. I woke up and didn't feel better.

BUT - I am hardcore so I continue.

I take my regularly scheduled nap and wake up after only 14 minutes, feeling great. I love it!

Rote Tasks in the Morning

On Flourish

I read something that said that it may be best to do easy, repetitious tasks that don't require much critical thinking in the morning to get yourself on track. I have been trying this for the past couple of weeks and it has made me more productive in both the morning and the afternoon. It has definitely made me look forward to going to work more.

Typically, I've had trouble focusing in the morning. I like the "getting ready for work" routine tasks, but that's about it. I've had trouble getting started on complex software tasks until after lunch. I've always thought that I do my best work in the afternoon and evening.

Now, when I can't get started at 9:30 am, I tell myself to find some boring task that's easy to do but may take a half-hour or an hour. At 10:30 I start on a second one. Today I made it to a third at 11:30--basically just doing a code review following a checklist of items to look at. I ended up getting productive stuff accomplished and freed myself to focus on some more interesting tasks in the afternoon. I got those done ahead of schedule as well, thanks in part to the good start and a feeling of achievement spurring me on.

This worked on weekend days as well. I just follow a pattern of straightening up or cleaning in the morning, followed by more thoughtful planning tasks in the afternoon. If I face a complex task in the morning, I don't feel guilt about putting it off until later and jump-starting my brain with some simple, routine tasks.

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