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It's the Final Countdown

I have two weeks left in Austin and ten days in Boston. When we first decided to go on the trip six months ago it seemed like it would take forever. Now every day seems to fly by before I can make any progress on my list of stuff-I-must-do-before-I-go.

Of course, the one thing I've had no problem doing is buying the gear necessary to leave. I'll post a complete list of every single thing I'm bringing with me... some of which will probably surprise people.

We still haven't found anywhere to live in Panama yet. I send e-mails to people on Craigslist in Panama, but nothing good has surfaced yet.

A Wrecked Back And A Hearty Goodbye (Travel Update; Recap)

On Konstantin

Image: "Wrecked" ... get it? Shut up, I'm funny

OK that post with the slightly depressing title really shouldn't keep on sitting on top. It was never meant as a big feature and does not really tell you anything about my voyage (which I'm sure is what most people coming here are actually interested in).

So, prepare for another recap post because I once again have crossed the threshold of too many small things floating around that I originally planned to write about but then didn't get around to give it a proper edit.

But I've been really busy, you know. Lying in bed ...

Ahh so I spent some time in Krabi, enjoying myself. For two days/one night I went to the beach nearby (Ao Nang) and it was once again a bit touristy for my taste. But still quite enjoyable for a short time.

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