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My Early History as an Entrepreneur

Despite mostly cutting myself off from parental financing in high school, I've actually only had a "real" job for less than a year total in my life. I attribute this not to any great genius on my part, but rather to habit. It was what I was used to doing. I knew that I couldn't get a job when I was a kid, and probably didn't think too highly of them even back then, but I figured that there must be some way for me to make money on my own.

Tynan Park

I jumped in head first when I was ten, and, as a result, got in way over my head. One of they joys of my childhood was visiting a small amusement park in New Hampshire called "Canobie Lake Park". I only got to go once or twice per summer, though, and I figured other kids were probably in the same boat. How great would it be if I opened up an amusement park in my neighborhood?

I wanted a piano, I got a recorder.

On Music Lessons w/Marc Plotkin

Welcome to “Music Lessons w/Marc Plotkin”! I’m your host, MP himself. Whether you arrived here via marcplotkin.com or wifimusicschool.com I think you’ll enjoy.

My goal here? Go through (as chronologically as possible, though I’m 99% sure I’ll have to backtrack at some point) the good, the bad, and the ugly of the musical experiences I’ve had in my life that have taught me what I know. A lot of the following stories were the reason I wanted to create a new kind of music school. I hope you laugh, smack your hand to your head on occasion, and maybe even learn a thing or two. So here we go…

I wanted a piano, I got a recorder.

Whether he was selling it or not, whatever my older brother was working on always became what I wanted to work on. This behavior still fascinates me. Up to a certain age I simply curbed all of my opinions in favor of his. I don't blame him for this at all, evidently it's very common in younger siblings and I embodied it all the way. As soon as Ross started piano lessons, I really wanted piano lessons.

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