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How to Tell a Story

On the cruise a friend was asking me about my days in pickup. What was the worst rejection I experienced, he asked? That's a path paved with so much rejection that it's sort of like asking which leaf on a tree is the greenest, but one stuck out in my mind.

I was at a place called Dallas Nightclub in Austin, Texas. There was a large ice-skating rink shaped dance floor in the middle, and tables and chairs around that. The music would alternate between hip hop and country, bringing a different crowd to the dance floor every other song.

My friend and I walked around the perimeter, taking turns approaching groups of girls. It was my turn, and I walked up to three pretty girls and started talking. Very quickly, I started telling a story. I can't remember which story it was, but I remember how I felt telling it. It quickly became obvious that they were not interested in my story, and I was so nervous that I was helpless to do anything but continue.

Suddenly one of the girls broke eye contact and turned away, leaving me with her two friends. Okay, there are two of us and two of them, I thought. That's not so bad. I kept on going with the story.

Why Facebook's $1 Billion Acquisition of Instagram is Really Good for Socialize

On DROdio

Facebook announced this week that was acquiring Instagram, a hipster photo editing and sharing app, for $1 billion.

Kevin Systrom, one of the founders of Instagram, credited Instagram's early success and fast growth to "the community of users who commented on and liked one another's photos."

This is huge validation for the power of the Interest Graph, and for Socialize, which lets any app drop in an interest-based social platform (here's a recent TechCrunch article detailing Socialize's rapid growth).

You probably haven't heard of the term 'interest graph' unless you're immersed in geekdom, but you've definitely experienced it:  When you don't know someone personally, but you share a common interest with them, that's the interest graph, as opposed to the social graph, which is when you have a personal relationship with another person.

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