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Building an Island Cabin

I had intended to come back to the island once more before building the cabin, but the timing didn't work out. I nervously climbed up the hill to check the spot that I had decided to build on. Was it as clear as I remembered it? I forgot to take pictures.

At first it looked fine, but when I brought the tape measure out, I realized that the area wasn't nearly big enough to build the cabin. The builders were coming the next day.

I went back to the yurt, the main structure on the island, to get the loppers to continue clearing. But before I left the yurt, rain started to pour down. A few minutes later I also realized that the yurt roof was leaking badly.

Then the lumber company called me, told me that some of my special order items were running late, and that due to a complicated situation involving the credit card preauthorization, they couldn't get me any materials at all for a couple days at least.

Las Vegas Triathlon aka My First Olympic Triathlon

On GoJoGo

Whose idea was it to try this event?!? Oh yes, it was a bit of a Hobson's Choice in the end, given that the one we had all entered was cancelled and Becky and Andy already had their flights booked.

Here are some statistics about the 16th Annual Las Vegas Triathlon:

Unofficial Results

84 5/6 166 JOANNA GADD LOS GATOS 81 52:41 4:59.7 86 2:30:33.7 1:20.5 82 1:25:24.1 4:54:58.8

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