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The Dip, and How to Figure Out What to Do With Your Life

On the second day that I was visiting her in Toronto, Annie brought back a pile of books from the library. On the top was a tiny book with a cover so simple that it looked like it might be a children's book about potty training.

"A little book that teaches you when to quit (and when to stick)"

It seemed like a fluffy bit of entertainment. Something like "The Tipping Point" which is fun to read but not exactly a life changer. I was wrong, though. Dead wrong.

Day Eleven -- Recharging


I was feeling my energy and focus was off, so I decided to take a day entirely off and let come what may. Here's the notes --

Day was unplanned, but good. Did some reading, some daydreaming, got a massage, went for a walk, did more reading… got inspired at one point and answered like 30 emails, including some important ones to advance potential projects. Did some goal-setting and planning, did some brainstorming on writing pieces.

Didn't track the day at all -- didn't even try to. Just relaxed, etc. Sleeping around 3:20AM.

As a side note, my energy/focus was really low, and I wasn't sure why. I sat and thought about it for a while, and I wondered if I was overtrained/undernourished perhaps... I've been eating very clean with basically zero carbohydrates, but maybe I wasn't eating enough?

I sat and thought about it for an hour, then decided to have a cheat day. So I ate rice, some scones, bread and butter, fruit, fruit candy, peanut M&M's, Red Bull, gummy bears, and more bread. I was going quite crazy, I was wondering if my metabolism had slowed down or if I was undernourished.

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