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Thank You

Okay, first of all, THANK YOU for reading Tynan.net. My impulse in every post I write is to express my gratitude to you as a reader, but I don't because I think it would become annoying and probably not seem as genuine is it really is. So here's my yearly thank you.

Whether you've just started reading, you subscribe to every different feed I have, or even if you're one of the very few people who only write nasty comments, I'm really glad to have you as a reader. It's easy to get caught up in subscriber numbers and pageviews and all that, but I never forget that each number represents a real person who cares enough about what I have to say to take time out of their days and visit. I'm flattered and humbled to have every single person read. Thank you.

My .emacs

On nickwinter.net

Emacs wizards will tell you that it is not merely a text editor, but an operating system; not just a way to work, but a way of life; not only a thing they use, but a thing they are. After having used Emacs for nearly ten years now, I see that it's all true.

More often than not, when someone asks me how I do something, like generating percentile feedback work graphs, making epic time-lapse videos, and figuring out what's important in life (see the Experiential Sampling section)–I have to say something like, "Well, it's pretty straightforward, I just have an Emacs post-save hook in my org-mode buffer that runs a Python script to parse my Emacs timestamps and POST the JSON to App Engine where it's graphed by Highcharts and also sends an NSDistributedNotification so that my Telepath heads-up display can update its embedded UIView pulling the same graph from my website. The only thing missing is authenticating to the Beeminder API, heh heh! Come to think of it–"

No. What? No, they say, I mean, like an app. For my phone. What?

Oh, right. I've inadvertently become an arcane Emacs techno-amoeba to them.

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