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Better All the Time - Tynan

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A couple days ago I read a book recommended by Tyler, whose blog is the only blog I read religiously.

Anyway, the book is about mastery, and it really rang true for me. In it the author talks about the different types of people who are NOT masters, and I am pretty clearly one of them. I'm "the hacker".

What that means is that I get some level of proficiency below mastery, get satisfied with it, and don't progress. I'm acutely aware of this - I get to the level where other people respect my skill, but never push myself as far as I could go / would like.

My Philosophy on Life (And How Travel and Wellness Fits Into It)

On Travel 'n' Wellness

While chatting on Skype with my parents this past weekend, I shared my newfound philosophy on life with them. They listened patiently, like they always do, but proceeded to move on in the conversation.

However, before they did so, I stopped my Dad and said, "HOLD ON, A SEC. I want to hear your thoughts about my insights on life!"

As I've mentioned in a previous post, personal wellness is critical because of the freedom it provides. Yes, traveling is liberating by itself; but, when combined with wellness, it enables human beings to carry out two specific actions:

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