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Better All the Time - Tynan

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A couple days ago I read a book recommended by Tyler, whose blog is the only blog I read religiously.

Anyway, the book is about mastery, and it really rang true for me. In it the author talks about the different types of people who are NOT masters, and I am pretty clearly one of them. I'm "the hacker".

What that means is that I get some level of proficiency below mastery, get satisfied with it, and don't progress. I'm acutely aware of this - I get to the level where other people respect my skill, but never push myself as far as I could go / would like.

Small Training Opportunities


Impulsiveness causes a lot of failures, large and small. Giving in to impulsiveness means not doing the difficult and important work you want to do. It means breaching your commitments to yourself to live better. It leads to bad feelings and down-goings.

I started training in this topic a little bit ago. The gains are large.

It's one of the best feelings I've ever had, knowingly overriding an impulse to do something stupid or distracting by using my conscious mind. I detect the impulse/feeling, think, and channel my attention/energy elsewhere.

It's hard to describe how joyful it is pull back from making a stupid decision. And I think, "I trained myself to be able to do that. I wouldn't have done naturally." Magnificent.

When the topic comes up, people like to ask me how I work on it. I have a hard time answering.

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