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The Dip, and How to Figure Out What to Do With Your Life

On the second day that I was visiting her in Toronto, Annie brought back a pile of books from the library. On the top was a tiny book with a cover so simple that it looked like it might be a children's book about potty training.

"A little book that teaches you when to quit (and when to stick)"

It seemed like a fluffy bit of entertainment. Something like "The Tipping Point" which is fun to read but not exactly a life changer. I was wrong, though. Dead wrong.

Going back in TIME!!!!!

On Winning at Losing

So no posts for a week and now you’re getting TWO in ONE day!!!!!!! J I know, you’re really excited, I can just feeeeeel it through the World Wide Webs ha ha ha :)

So I said that I would post individual posts about my meal preparations, so here, we, GO!!!

So like I said in a previous post I am single so I’m only cooking for myself most of the time. After a long day of work, that is a HUGE challenge ‘cause who wants to get home and then cook a meal for only one person? No one, that’s who. So when I first moved into my place I found I was making terrible decisions in regards to meals. I’d buy breakfast (usually grilled cheese) and lunch (also usually grilled cheese) at work (they aren’t very good at much in the cafeteria at my work, not even grilled cheese if I’m completely honest) and then on the way home I would pick something up. Even when trying to make healthier decisions, salads, wraps, pitas, burritos and being intentional about selections you’re racking up calories because take out is supposed to be delish, that’s what keeps you coming back for more, so they throw in things that aren’t the healthiest things to make stuff taste better than what you would make at home. So I decided I needed to get it under control and started brain storming on how I would be sure that I eat breakfast, lunch and dinner at least 5 days a week from things I have cooked while being intentional about preparing healthy meals and then the other two days, purchasing meals with friends, going to my parents, out to a friends place, etc. That way I’m leaving room for my life to happen and I don’t feel so restricted. So I decided I would have to do all the cooking on one day for the whole week (Sunday, sometimes spilling over to Monday if it’s a busy weekend). I thought by the end of the week the meals would become boring, but since I’m cooking things I like, how I like to eat them so far it’s been really great.

So my process goes a little something like this:

While I’m eating the same meals throughout the week usually I will get cravings (fajitas, shepherds pie, pasta etc.) so as the week progresses I find ways to make things in a healthy way, and sneaking in veggies (because I find it difficult to eat as many veggies as I should sometimes. Once I have an idea of what I want I look through the flyers for my neighbourhood grocery stores. I actually have an app, it’s called reebee and it’s fantastic, it pulls all the online flyers for the stores in your area and you can look at it on your smart phone, BRILLIANT!!!!!!! However, if I haven’t had a craving yet I take a look-see at what is on sale and I go from there, I meal plan.

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