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The Airport Girl

It's 2002 and I haven't even heard of the pickup community. It's a shame because there is just about nothing I need more.

I get on my plane, headed back to Austin. It's a late flight and there aren't too many people on it. I have a whole row to myself. I'm not paying attention, and before I know it we're airborne.

The cabin lights are off, but some people have their reading lights on, creating small islands of light in the darkness of the plane. The island in front of my is inhabited by two girls.

Why I love ballet..

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I’m not going to pretend to be some kind of professional ballet artist, writer or critic because I’m far from it. In fact, I’ve only just started taking proper ballet classes. I wanted though to write a short entry about the turned-out art form.

The sad thing is, if you’re not a dancer, you probably won’t ever understand the pain, dedication and effort that goes into ballet - whether you’re performing professionally in a London production, or like me are coming to the end of grade 1. Generally, people are very ignorant towards ballet, they think it’s easy and that it’s something little girls do at an after school club. I’m here to let you know that’s not the case. I know not everybody is as ignorant, but the majority are.

I remember when I went to see my first ballet with the school whilst studying my A-levels - Matthew Bourne’s Swan Lake; It was absolutely sensational. I couldn’t take my eyes off of the stage, it was literally like someone reading me a story but through ballet.

The training and dedication that goes into ballet dancing is mind blowing. So much so that a lot of people never make it - I’ve come to the reality that it’s probably a bit too late for me too; whilst nothing’s impossible, I’ve left it a bit too late to be in professional ballet now. I still intend to practice ballet however, whilst at university on the side. There’s probably no other dance form that technically will improve you as effectively.

I love ballet because it’s so visually pleasing; everything has to look perfect and be in alignment. I could watch ballet dancers pirouette around a studio all day.

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