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Random Gifts

I woke up and stumbled to the front door to check for packages. I wasn't really expecting one, but you can never be too sure. To my surprise there was a small brown box waiting on the doorstep for me. What had I ordered? I couldn't remember. I walked back inside and tore the package open.

Inside was a book and a board game. Not just any book and board game, though - they were abominations thrust in in front of my virgin eyes. The game was called A Hot Affair and the book was Penthouse: Naughty by Nature: Female Readers' Sexy Letters to Penthouse. Confused, I check the shipping address. Sure enough they weren't meant for me.

They were my neighbor's.

I've never had a hole in one

On Mike Dariano

I've never had a hole in one. In this way I am a complete failure at golf. Nearly every shot I hit fails to go into the hole. In a round with 100 strokes of the club only 18 will result in my putting the ball in the hole. I am a failure. I should turn my back to every golf course I see and refuse any thoughts of success. I am a failure.

Except I'm not. Thinking that I need to hit it in the hole each time is a fallacy. If I desired that I would hone my skills at putt putt golf and learn to dominate the tweens and dating couples that frequent those courses. I don't want that though. I want the challenge and the acceptance that with a challenge comes shortcomings. That not every golf shot will make it in the hole and that not every shot is supposed to.

What each shot should be is a step. An attempt to get closer to the hole and then eventually succeed. Sometimes this goes better and sometimes worse but each attempt is a challenge and that's the enjoyment of golf. It's the enjoyment of life.

Life shouldn't be putt putt, life should contain challenges. You should get wet and dirty and curse a few times. I'm golfing today and know that I will.

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