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Leaving Pickup

I'm not in the game anymore, and haven't really been in it for a while. If I'm in a nightclub it's because I'm singing karaoke, and as soon as the line gets too long, I'm gone. I've been in relationships ten times as much as I've been single since leaving LA, which means that the only real "sets" I do are the once or twice yearly opens to blow someone's mind.

The standard question I get from any girl I talk to is, "are you doing it to me?"

The answer is, "yeah, probably."

I've never had a hole in one

On Mike Dariano

I've never had a hole in one. In this way I am a complete failure at golf. Nearly every shot I hit fails to go into the hole. In a round with 100 strokes of the club only 18 will result in my putting the ball in the hole. I am a failure. I should turn my back to every golf course I see and refuse any thoughts of success. I am a failure.

Except I'm not. Thinking that I need to hit it in the hole each time is a fallacy. If I desired that I would hone my skills at putt putt golf and learn to dominate the tweens and dating couples that frequent those courses. I don't want that though. I want the challenge and the acceptance that with a challenge comes shortcomings. That not every golf shot will make it in the hole and that not every shot is supposed to.

What each shot should be is a step. An attempt to get closer to the hole and then eventually succeed. Sometimes this goes better and sometimes worse but each attempt is a challenge and that's the enjoyment of golf. It's the enjoyment of life.

Life shouldn't be putt putt, life should contain challenges. You should get wet and dirty and curse a few times. I'm golfing today and know that I will.

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