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Oh My God.

This is so wild. I woke up after only 18 minutes during my last nap and I feel great. Then again I felt great before it too.

The only sticking point I have now is that it's tough to fall asleep sometimes because I'm so awake.

it is amazing to me that this actually works.

The weird dreams

On Herald Hippo

Have you ever tried to get your afternoon nap, and experience weird sensations? And no, I am not talking about enhancers as weed, alcohol or other natural or not so natural drugs. Just a pure, healthy and innocent nap.

I tried to do so today. But somehow I feel that in my building I am perceived by the teenagers somewhat of a freak. Or at least something different. Some were ringing my door bell and screaming that they want to speak in English. Today, while I was sleeping I had the impression that somebody rand the bell. And that is when the freaky part began: I was not able to move. I heard the sound, my brain processed it, and I wanted to get up. Not necessarily to check who was at the door, but just to get up. It was like that nightmare that we all have at a point with either getting berried alive or stuck into a dark weird place.

I gave up and felt asleep. Or I was already asleep and my brain was making fun of me. Second try was when I heard a knock on the window. I am sure that was a dream..I hope at least...

And the funny thing is that I am the only expat in the building, and if I really try to talk to those youngsters in English, they will not know how to answer even the "who are you?" question.

Teenagers these days...

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