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Scariest Thing Ever

I quickly fell asleep for my polynap and drifted off into dreamland.

In my dream I was at a community college, waiting to speak to a counselor. I hadn't put my name down on the list yet, so I was just mulling around the waiting room. I was feeling good because for some reason I knew this was my last semester and I was going to drop out. I was particularly looking forward to telling the counselor that I was dropping out.

While I was waiting, there were two other students I noticed. One guy had the exact same laptop as I. When he was done using it, he put it down on the desk in front of me. I thought that was strange, and wondered if perhaps it was actually my laptop. I couldn't tell, and didn't want to take it if it wasn't mine.

Early On a Sunday Morning: Cats? Heck Yeah!

On Where Pianos Roam

I've been thinking lately about cats.  They're probably my favorite animals.  Not only are they cute, but they purrr when you touch them.  They're furry, soft, and oh so sweet.  They even bury their own poop!  How amazing is that?

I grew up with cats in my house.  Family had a pet cat named Bambi for many years.  She was beautiful, but honestly, she was mean as hell.  Even all of our dogs were scared of her.  NO ONE messed with her.

At one point when we were younger, my older sister, older brother, and I slept in the same room.  One night, my sister was taunting her and jumped into bed to hide under the covers.  My brother was already tucked in for the night, but the overhead light was still on.  My sister was too scared of Bambi to get up and turn off the light so she asked me if I could do it.  I had a bad feeling about it, but I got up anyway.  The light switch was right by the foot of my bed.  I got up to turn it off, and the very second that I did.  Bambi ATTACKED!!!

She brutally scratched my entire left arm and shoulder.  I must have screamed bloody terror because my parents came running into my room immediately. 

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