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Viszontlátásra 2016

And just like that another year has passed! Every year of my life has been better than the last. I used to believe that this was a nearly universal experience, as every year you should become smarter, learn from your mistakes, build on your successes, deepen your relationships, etc. But I talked to some people who told me that their years are up and down. Very hard to comprehend, barring some major death or catastrophe.

Anyway, I like to write my annual wrap-up because it helps me get perspective on what I was able to do in a year, how I progressed, how I met or missed my goals, and it lets me set a little bit of direction for the next year.


I really fell in love with Budapest as I mentioned in my annual wrap-up post last year. In May I had the idea to buy a place there with friends (not so original, as I've already done things like this), and I went there in August. Within six weeks we had closed and moved into the new place!

A Worry-Free Morning.

On The Mad Ink3r

Have you ever awaken in the morning, and just felt very peaceful? No stress, No noise, No distractions? Well this morning that's how I feel. I'm supposed to be visiting a museum with my fiancé, and maybe I can share a few things about it when I get back. I'm more of a zoo kind of kid, but I'll be alright. We're going to the Orlando Museum of Art, so I'll be back with some cool stuff to share!

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