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Sometimes It's Better Not to Know

I'm sitting in the Kansas City terminal, waiting for my next flight. The barbecue restaurant there serves shockingly large portions, which, combined with waking up early today, has me feeling sleepy.

I should work, I think. My eyes are half closed, though, and I can't imagine thinking through tough problems like the one waiting for me on Sett. I think about writing a blog post, but my past few days have been weak, so I want to be awake and do a good one. I think about doing some basic todo list stuff, but I'm already losing concentration after the first google search.

Okay, but if I'm not going to work, what am I going to do? The answer turns out to be downloading an episode of Restaurant Stakeout. I'm not proud to write that sentence.

I think I've seen about two episodes of that show. The first I saw at my aunt and uncle's house. Not knowing anything about the restaurant business, I found it really fascinating. Then I was on some red-eye flight and I saw an episode on the in-filght entertainment system.

Where have I Been?

On Where Pianos Roam

During the last few days, it's been pretty quiet around here.  There have been no twitter or blog posts from me. I've spent the last few days away.  I guess you can say I needed some down time. First off, I went to watch a good friend do this  .  .  . My friend Ben, who co-produced my album and occasionally plays bass for me, got married.  It was a beautiful ceremony. I also ate some of this .  .  . This elegant little wedding cake was half chocolate and half strawberry.  Yummy!!! Secondly, I went away to  a far off place.  I bid farewell to a dear friend who will be attending law school in Arizona in the fall, and I got to spend a few hours working with another old confidant .  .  . We did a lot of catching up, and he gave me some thoughts on a new song or two. I also worked this .  .  . I was hoping to finish this scarf while I was away and got most of it done until I ran out of yarn.  (Gosh Darnit!) Some good food was consumed including some awesome crab dip and fish tacos with my friend Chris.  There was also some juicy chicken and a decadent peach cobbler milkshake with my friend Darrell.  Good times. I also vegged out and watched a good bit of tv--which I never get to do usually. Here's a list of what I managed to watch: 1.  The Preview episode of a new FOX show called "Glee".  This show is so AWESOME! 2. A couple episodes of the HBO show "True Blood".  (It's not bad actually.  Those sex scenes caught me off guard.  It's pretty racy.) 3.  A movie called "Shelter" which was just lovely. 4.  All four episodes of a hilarious British show called "Beautiful People".  This  show is the BOMB! So, yes, I managed to have some time away to decompress.  I needed this before returning to my busy life. It's back to normal here at Where Pianos Roam and in the wonderful world of Gordon. More posts coming soon. -gordon

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