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Zai Jian 2015

Well, there goes another year. Every time a new year rolls around, my initial impression of the past year is that it was pretty uneventful compared to previous years. Then I go through my blog archives and think about what has happened, and I realize that it has been, again, a pretty monumental year.

First some highlights:


As expected, dating was a big theme this year. I started out with a new relationship and ended the year with a failed attempt at another. I definitely had a fantasy that I would fall in love with the first person I met and settle down with her, but that's not how it happened. Still, it feels good to be dating again and I do feel like I'm moving towards finding someone to settle down with.

Book Review: The Book Thief by Marcus Zusak

On Military Dad

The Book Thief is easily one of the most complicated books I've ever tried to describe.

The story, point of view, and characters are all unique. It's one of those books where you just have to tell someone, "You just need to read it for yourself." With that being said, it wouldn't be much of a book review if I didn't at least give it a shot.

Synopsis (No spoilers...I promise)

In 1939, Liesel Meminger was adopted by a family in the heart of Nazi Germany. This story is about her growing up in that area, during that time and the people around her.

To be honest, I could probably break the tale down a little better than that, but this is a book where the true value doesn't lie in the actual story. It resides in the perspective, imagery, and uniqueness of the storytelling, which brings me to...

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