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The Great American School Bus Conversion: Part 2

I was just thinking about fifteen minutes ago, "I don't think I've ever personally used the word foist before". Not that I remember every word I've said, necessarily, but I think I'd remember if I said foist. Today I resolve to use the word foist at least once in a natural context - so watch out for that.

When we last left our heroes, we had just taken all of the seats out of our mighty new school bus.

To get this party started, check out the official BtyB-Time-Machine satellite photo of the bus. This is in no way blantantly ripped from google maps :

Internet Freedom Bus Tour: Day 2: Kansas City

On Jumping on Entrepreneurship

Day 1 of my experience on The Internet Freedom Bus Tour was amazing. Day 2 started with an early departure from Iowa City. The gang was up most of the night playing Werewolf (a party game similar to Mafia where someone is the werewolf and you have to figure out who it is... before they eat you!) It was a very long bus ride to Kansas City which actually took up most of the day.

Life on the bus is interesting. I now have some serious appreciation for bands that go on the road. I also understand how they can say "HELLO KANSAS CITY" when they're actually in Iowa City. The scenery of driving through the Midwest is amazing, but between the internet (ironically) continually cutting out, old reruns of MacGuyver, and just general travel exhaustion... it was pretty hard to get any work done.

I spent a lot of time talking with my busmates. I really enjoyed talking with Betsy from The Internet Association and listening to some of the embedded reporters talk about some of the crazy stories they've been pitched on.

After a 7 or 8 hour bus ride, we finally arrived in Kansas City at The Kauffman Foundation. For those who aren't familiar with Kauffman, they're a foundation dedicated to studying and researching entrepreneurship (full disclosure: Startup Weekend, where I work, is partially funded by Kauffman). They do some awesome stuff, and when we got there they had a small reception at Kauffman Labs.

[caption id="" align="aligncenter" width="600"]The Kauffman Foundation[/caption]

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