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Quintessential Man

When Stan Lee came to UT Austin, everyone was trying to get tickets. Except for me. Stan Lee, for those who are too cool to know, is famous for creating Spiderman, The Hulk, and other comic book characters. I've never once read a comic book, and despite being one, I have no particular affinity for superheroes. The night that Stan was to talk, one of my friends came over. He had somehow gotten ahold of several VIP tickets to the appearance. VIP tickets were up front.

The year before Ben Stein had come and gave a very interesting speech. Afterwards I went up and got him to sign a one dollar bill. In retrospect, I wish I had a Doubly Deuce at the time. I figured that I would temporarily suspend my gangsta lifestyle and see what this nerd comic book crap was all about.

[I know this seems like it will be a boring story. It won't be, so stop whining and read to the end. Then leave a comment and tell me I was right.]

Video of the Week: The Luckiest

On Where Pianos Roam

This week, I wanted to showcase one of my favorite songs from Ben Folds. This is a clip from a live performance on the Australian show Rove Live with the Melbourne Symphony Orchestra.  He's playing on a beautiful grand piano. I present to you this week's Video of the Week: The Luckiest .  .  . [youtube=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4JWX11AMBEc] Here are the lyrics:The Luckiest By Ben FoldsI don't get many things right the first time In fact, I am told that a lot Now I know all the wrong turns, the stumbles and falls Brought me hereAnd where was I before the day That I first saw your lovely face? Now I see it everyday And I knowThat I am I am I am The luckiestWhat if I'd been born fifty years before you In a house on a street where you lived? Maybe I'd be outside as you passed on your bike Would I know?And in a white sea of eyes I see one pair that I recognize And I knowThat I am I am I am The luckiestI love you more than I have ever found a way to say to youNext door there's an old man who lived to his nineties And one day passed away in his sleep And his wife; she stayed for a couple of days And passed awayI'm sorry, I know that's a strange way to tell you that I know we belong That I knowThat I am I am I am The luckiest____________________________________________What a beautiful song and a great performance of it!-gordon

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