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Quintessential Man

When Stan Lee came to UT Austin, everyone was trying to get tickets. Except for me. Stan Lee, for those who are too cool to know, is famous for creating Spiderman, The Hulk, and other comic book characters. I've never once read a comic book, and despite being one, I have no particular affinity for superheroes. The night that Stan was to talk, one of my friends came over. He had somehow gotten ahold of several VIP tickets to the appearance. VIP tickets were up front.

The year before Ben Stein had come and gave a very interesting speech. Afterwards I went up and got him to sign a one dollar bill. In retrospect, I wish I had a Doubly Deuce at the time. I figured that I would temporarily suspend my gangsta lifestyle and see what this nerd comic book crap was all about.

[I know this seems like it will be a boring story. It won't be, so stop whining and read to the end. Then leave a comment and tell me I was right.]

Ben Folds Five in Korea

On The Constance Chronicles

While at work Friday, Melissa and I were checking out an events website online and were surprised to see Ben Folds Five were coming to Seoul... SUNDAY. We immediately bought tickets. One ticket was $100. I know, it seems really steep but it’s Ben Folds Five and my high school angst would not allow me a missed opportunity to cry and question my sense of self. At 30 I feel this is the only acceptable venue to get emo and ramble on about the band’s side projects and how much their music has “evolved” over the last decade. I can go to a Ben Folds five concert and no 14 year old is going to look at me like “What the hell are you doing here?"

When we walked into the venue I noticed it was relatively small and intimate, much like the Austin City Limits stage. We were about second row standing from the stage. 95% of the audience were Korean and half of them were sitting in the balcony enjoying the show. There was no pushing, no one trying to shove their way to the front, no one even touching any part of my body. However, there was a lot of clapping in unison, swaying during slower songs, and one-finger pointing towards the stage during the faster songs but that never hurt anybody. I stood comfortably for 2 hours.

Some clever Korean girl passed around bags of neon colored paper airplanes to throw on stage during “Army.” It was awesome. You know what else was awesome? Ben Folds Five performed “Brick.” The bass guitarist broke a string and to help tune the new bass the band jammed to Eye of the Tiger. Most of all having Ben Folds Five sing these lyrics to a Korean audience:

Oh-oh if you’re feeling small, and you can’t draw a crowd

Draw dicks on a wall

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