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Crime, Punishment, and Construction Equipment

This story is one of the first really interesting and bizarre things that happened to me. It's a tale chock full of twists, crime, and deceit, guaranteed to satisfy even the most discriminating BtyB reader.

It takes place when I was a sophomore in high school, before I had any clue whatsoever regarding women. Despite my objective inexperience, I had managed to attract my first real girlfriend. I'll write the full story some day on how I met her... believe it or not, I won her over by memorizing more digits of pi than she memorized. Let's all pretend I didn't just admit that. Anyway, she was very attractive, super cool, and perhaps the most compatible girlfriend I've ever had. Now she is a fighter (like amateur UFC or something) and a stripper. Her name is Allison.

One of my good friends at the time was a fellow named Charles. There always seemed to be something a bit odd about him, but I wasn't sure what it was. Later I would learn that he had been sent to juvenile detention for attempting to stab his stepfather.

Sluttiest Mome of 2012

On The Best of Sett

On my last day in Taiwan, I woke up next to Kate in a vacant apartment, our hairless bodies like two shrimp marinading in a pool of ejaculate. I was already packed up, so I put on my gay little shorts and left for the airport with Brett. On the plane I hit it off with the Taiwanese businesswoman I was sitting next to and she agreed to get dinner with me at six. She was only there for three days so I gave her my number and got a room at Dongdaemun Hostel. I showered the morning cum off, put on the nicest clothes I had with me and waited for six to come.

The date flat-lined and there was nothing I could do to save it, so I called it at six forty. However, since I wasn't expecting to pull this off anyway because she saw my age when I was filling out my arrival card. As a hedge, I had arranged another date at eight with the Korean exchange student I met in Taiwan who had returned to Seoul the day before.

I met Exchange Student at a subway exit and took her out for Uzbek food and Russian beer. Her English was better than either of our Korean or Chinese, so we had a good time eating honeycake, and I brought her back to my room. For safe sex, it was quite violent. I didn't walk her out of the hostel, which she pointed out to me through Kakaotalk a few minutes later, and might be why she never had sex with me again.

I enjoy doing chivalrous things like holding open doors, walking girls to the door, and aiming my piss stream away from their hair, but the reason I didn't do it this time was because as I was leaving for our date, I asked the receptionist if she was free after work, and she was. I asked her if she wanted to get a drink with me, and she did. I couldn't risk having her see us leave together (I didn't see her when we came in). Exchange student left my room five minutes before Receptionist's shift ended. I washed cum off myself for the second time that day.

I met the receptionist at the reception desk and took her out for Uzbek food and Russian beer. Her English was better than either of our Korean or Spanish, so we had a good time eating meat pastries, and I brought her back to her room. My stealthy human trafficking of Exchange Student was all for naught, as Receptionist saw us walking in together on the security camera. She asked, but through a smile, and only after a couple beers. It was just to make sure I didn't have a girlfriend. Later that night I washed cum off myself for the third time.

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