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Not That Kind of Person

For the past month I've been working out regularly under the tutelage of Dick Talens, the founder of Fitocracy, and for the first time ever I'm making actual gains. Seven pounds gained so far, and substantial increases in the weights I can lift.

When we first started going back and forth about the training, I said something to the effect of, "I have the irrational idea that I can't possibly gain weight no matter what I do." I gave Crossfit a try for a while, and probably gained around 3-5 pounds within a year and tried Tim's Occam's Protocol with no real success. Back when I had a house I put a bench in my server room and even rigged up a lat pulldown system by putting pulleys in the ceilng. No gains there, either.

The reason I decided to get training from Dick was because I figured I could put to rest once and for all the question of whether or not I'm able to build muscle. I wanted to know what was possible, how much effort it required, and how much time it would take. As I rested in between sets today in the gym, I kept thinking about how I never thought I could gain weight, just because "I'm not that kind of person". I thought about other times I've felt that way and been wrong, and the different patterns these thoughts fall into.

There is No Way

Not Quitting This Time

On Steven Dowd

I have been a habitual quitter my whole life, but I will see this trip through to it's completion.

Going by my track record, this project would have a very high probability of failure. I refuse to let that happen in this case. Whether this really is my ultimate dream, or I am just tired of quitting, I will make this a success. Because I am taking such a black and white approach to this, I am going to have to come up with the minimum achievable goals for this journey. Say I start tomorrow, and I immediately hate it and want to quit. I need to have a clear set of objectives I must complete before I can even consider it.

Alaska always comes to mind when I have envisioned this trip, so it seems natural to start there. Although the time of year will definitely affect if that will be possible. I think I would have to start in the spring to give myself enough time to get there and back without running into serious snow. So unless I can get the motorcycle and gear in about a year, I wouldn't be able to start for Alaska until spring 2015. If I miss the 2014 window, I will just stay in the US longer and ride wherever my interest takes me and weather permits, and start for Alaska at the soonest possibility.

After Alaska, I would go south a different route that I took going up, meandering as much as I can while still avoiding the colder weather. Once in Mexico, I think I would like to stay on Baja California to stay with the pacific and to cross over to see the Sea of Cortez when I want. Cabo San Lucas seems like a great place to stop and ponder over my journey thus far. Will that be the beginning of a great journey, or an experience that launches me on to some other endeavor. I feel that I would be able to make an informed choice at that point. I hope that I choose to continue on south after that, but I may be a completely different person at that time.

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