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Custom Food Bars and Cooking in the Airport

Twice a month I stray from my superlatively healthy diet and eat anything, no holds barred. A week or two ago I ate a couple slices of deep dish Chicago pizza with bacon and all sorts of nonsense on it. The idea behind this is that once in a while, usually while travelling, I find myself in a situation where eating healthy just isn't an option. Morocco was a place like that. Everything had butter in it. If I never voluntarily ate "dirty", I might feel sick when left with no other options. Also, the harm in eating normal food for two out of my 90 or so meals per month is negligible.

I try to use these cheat meals to try interesting foods or highly rated non-vegan restaurants, but the reality is that they often end up being meals at airports. I'll find myself on a three hour layover, starving, saying to my self, "Well... I guess I can have my cheat day now." One turkey sandwich later and I'm thinking, "There must be some solution to this problem."

After a bit of experimentation, I have found some pretty cool methods to have really healthy and delicious food anywhere I go.

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