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8 Health Foods That Are Bad For You

Yesteday Todd and I were choosing a place to go to lunch. I normally go to Whole Foods because they have healthy delicious food, unlike almost everywhere else. However, we wanted to try somewhere new. How about Veggie Heaven?

I'd never been there before, despite living across the street from it for two years. I used to eat awful food on a daily basis, and considered vegetarian and vegan food to be for hippies. I still do, actually.

Anyway, we get to the restaurant and are handed three menus each. The main menu had almost fifty items in it. Many were marked as being vegan. Hey, this must be healthy, right?

Primer on Nutrition

On Travel 'n' Wellness

Before diving in to the specifics of how to stay healthy on the road, I’m going to write three primers on the three keys to healthy living. This post is the first in the series and will address the ideal foods to eat for a healthy, happy body.

None of the following suggestions are impossible to follow while traveling. Some of them may take an extra bit of brainstorming and preparation, but, I promise, your body will more than thank you for putting in the extra effort

Suggestion 1: EAT REAL FOOD

Among travelers, it’s common to eat processed, pre-packaged foods due to their convenience and transportability. Processed foods last longer, usually don’t need refrigeration and, with loads of salt and fat, are highly palatable.

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