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How My Computer is Set Up for Productivity and Security

I got an email from a reader this week asking if I'd post about how my computer is set up for productivity. As I was going through my answer in my head, I realized that I'm also very geared towards security, which is frequently overlooked. So, behold: a post about how my computer is set up.


Almost all computers today are fast enough for the average load of tasks that a user will dump on it. Most laptops are light enough to be lugged around comfortably. Storage capacity is abundant across the board.

Make money mining a cryptocurrency

On Shane Dowling's Blog

A while back I wrote a post on my tech blog about using a tool called salt to configure your boxes to mine a crypto-currency. The currency I was mining was Anoncoin and I jokingly said it was a bit of fun that would make no money. Turns out, as Anoncoin grew against Bitcoin, which by itself was significantly increasing in value, I managed to make a nice little contribution towards the cost of my servers for the year.

Anyway, while I wasn't really keeping an eye on things it looks like alternative currencies seem to be doing quite well. So I figured I put up a little guide here on things to help people get started with mining your own coins. It might look like your making only small amounts over time but you can't really anticipate how the coin's value might increase over time. Plus you'll be contributing to one of the coolest aspects of these crypto-currencies, decentralized mining

So here's the steps:

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