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How My Computer is Set Up for Productivity and Security

I got an email from a reader this week asking if I'd post about how my computer is set up for productivity. As I was going through my answer in my head, I realized that I'm also very geared towards security, which is frequently overlooked. So, behold: a post about how my computer is set up.


Almost all computers today are fast enough for the average load of tasks that a user will dump on it. Most laptops are light enough to be lugged around comfortably. Storage capacity is abundant across the board.

Adding a Login Screen to a Sencha Touch Application, Part 1

On Sencha Touch

The App’s Directories

Let’s begin by creating the application’s directories, which should look like the following screenshot:

The index.html file is the file that connects all the pieces of the application. In it, you will place the references to the Sencha Touch library, as well as to the JavaScript files containing the application’s code.

Rendering New Theme...