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The Low Down

Just wanted to a take a minute and talk about this blog.

The recent trend of people making a living off of their blogs had a lot of appeal to me. I do more interesting stuff than anyone I know - why not write about it? I also enjoy writing and sharing my stories with other people. I have a lot of theories, do a lot of crazy experiments, and take a lot of... calculated risks.

My primary source of income was a business I started six years ago that was very successful, but came to a screeching halt. In a way I was glad, though... I was sick of doing it. I'm working on a lot of projects, frantically trying to see what will catch on next. I'm hoping it's this blog.

How to Stay Alive in the New World

On Imported Blog

Imagine you're a native of one of the biggest cities of your whole world, Tenochtitlan. Your nation is prosperous, large, and technologically advanced. Up until Hernán Cortés comes up and ruins the party, that is.

There are three reasons why your home was mercilessly destroyed:

You may still think we're imaging. Guess what? We're not.

You are an Aztec, and there are plenty of Hernán Cortés' out there to try and plunder your gold in exchange for your life.

Welcome to the New-New World, the cyberworld.

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