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Aging Gracefully

The most common reaction to seeing us young folk on the cruise was to compliment us on our performance the previous night. Apparently all young people look the same, and the dance corps was also a young group of people aboard the ship. The second most common reaction was to ask us what in the world we were doing on the ship. After all, we were all young, and everyone besides the ship employees was old.

Whenever I'm trying to convince someone to come on a cruise with me, which is something I seem to do pretty regularly, the conversation gets to the point where the fact that it's essentially a floating nursing home must be addressed. Not everyone believes me when I tell them that I really enjoy hanging out with the old people.

Part of it is that many of them have lots of interesting stories, and you get to see a side of the older generations that you may not all be privvy to. I've got some choice quotes from senior citizens that wouldn't be fit for print here. Another aspect of it, though, is that it affords a view of what happens when we age.

The variance in health amongst people in their twenties or thirties is pretty small. Sure, there are some outliers who ended up on the losing end of the cancer lottery, but mostly people are mentally alert and reasonably physically capable.

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