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My week in Hollywood has just finished and I'm now on a plane to Tokyo. Just hearing the Japanese announcements on the airplane's PA brings back fond memories of my trip here last year and makes me more excited to get there.

(Quick aside. The girl next to Todd is sleeping in the most hilarious position I've ever seen. She's kneeling facing the seat with her legs under the seat in front of her. Her head is face down on the seat of the chair, buried in the cushion. I cannot imagine that that's comfortable in any way. I wish I had my camera out to take a picture.)

I waited too long to call people so I didn't get to see all of my old friends, but I did get to see a bunch of them. I stayed at Style's place, spending most of my time working on CD on one couch while he worked on a new book on the other couch. His new girlfriend, an exotic half Indian, quarter Japanese, quarter something else, hung out with us a lot. She's adorable and a lot of fun, and they're in love.

The Week In Pictures!!!!

On Where Pianos Roam

This post begins a new weekly segment here on Where Pianos Roam.  It should mostly happen on Fridays, but may occasionally come out on Saturdays depending on my schedule.  Along with "Early On a Sunday Morning" and "The Video of the Week", this marks the third regular instalment that you can expect to find here on WPR. So now, on with the inaugural post of  .  .  .

I spent a day in Huntsville, Alabama earlier this week for a much needed break from Nashville.   I brought Oreo and Buttercup along for plenty of "contemplating along the water's edge"-type-of-stuff. Here are some photos .  .  . Overlooking some Alabama mountains .  .  . Also this week, I've been hard at work on my website-revamp.  I just added the new video page .   Here's a screenshot .  .  . I've also been reading a new book in my rare spare time.  It's called "The Thirteenth Tale" by Diane Setterfield, and it's quite good so far.  Here's a hazy photo from my screwy little camera .  .  . I also recently dusted off my Roland JD-800 Synthesizer/keyboard and been playing on it a good bit.  It's going to make an appearance in some upcoming shows.   Her name is Olive by the way.  Finished a new song with her earlier this week as well .  .  . Well, that's it for now.  There'll be more photos next week!!! More, infinitely so, to come .  .  . -gordo

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