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Fell Off... Back On...

I had a total disaster of a day these past 24 hours. 30-60 minute oversleeps all over the place. We're talking 3.5-4 hours total.

The biggest problem was that my new wakeup MP3 wasn't effective. Volume was a bit lower and it faded into the Eminem song rather than jumping into it. My sleeping is so deep now that it's pretty tough to wake me up. Went back to the old MP3... the seagulls weren't so bad.

Thinking about having two options for naps - 25 minute and 35 minute. I'll use the 35 minute one when I'm not very tired, to allow some time to fall asleep. As an experiment today I held a remote in my hand and pressed the button every once in a while to see how long I was actually awake for. That 25 minute nap was 10 minutes of sleep and 15 minutes trying to fall asleep.

On Sleeping Less


Hi Sebastian,

I've been in touch before, and found it to be a highly valuable exchange. I was just reading your post titled 'Watching the Lightning' and had a couple of questions, if you don't mind?

Firstly, do you find 4-7 hours sleep per night sustainable? I note the post was written a few months ago so I imagine this has been enough time to measure the success of getting aforementioned amount of sleep. I've tried to limit myself to 6 hours sleep a night, but found it a struggle after 2 or 3 days. I plan to push through the struggle as I imagine it will become easier after time, which leads me to my second question: what steps did you take when planning to reduce your time spent sleeping?

I have my highest performance levels overall when I'm average 7.5 hours per night. But often I get there in a funny way - a mix of 4 hour nights and 12+ hour nights. Beyond that, I think napping is valuable, diet/exercise/health is extremely important if you want to do it, consistency is important, and also getting high quality sleep in general.

I've recently come of the opinion that most people get very little really good sleep - too much artificial light, not enough exercise, bad diets, stimulant usage (caffeine...), inconsistent schedules, and so on. I think it'd be possible to run at the 4-6 hour sleep range with maybe a 30-120 minute nap each day, but you'd need to be near perfect across the board on all the good sleep elements with serious discipline about consistent schedule, total darkness and minimal artificial light before you're going to sleep, regular exercise, a perfect diet, maybe quit caffeine entirely?, and similar.

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