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About a week ago I woke up and got out of the RV, which I've had parked on the same street for the better part of the last five months. To my surprise there was ANOTHER RV in front of mine. It was a lot older, but about the same size.

I went to lunch, and as I returned I saw a man getting into the RV.

"Hi! Welcome to the neighborhood," I said jokingly.

Jane's Birthday!

On The Zany Chicken

December 20! My wife Jane’s birthday, whoa I can’t dare to forget it and a surprise gift is compulsory for her birthday.

One month before my wife’s birthday I set reminder to let me remember that I have to plan something special for Jane. So at November 20 my cell phone buzzed and reminded me to plan the plan. I cleverly started asking Jane that what she likes the most and what dislikes, to those which I was not aware of, without getting her any hint of the thing that I remember her birthday and was planning to give her a worthy gift.

I made a note to what all she told me and I figured out that she admires “Pretty Little Liar" actress “Lucy Hale”, and here comes the weird thing, she likes her eyebrows. I can surely figure out that she wants to look prettier then she was now, on her birthday. All in all she wanted to Get The Traffic-Stopping Whistler make up on her day.

So I started doing research on buying a makeup kit for her, but then I realized that instead of giving her the whole makeup kit including 5 shades of tinted moisturizer, Eye drops, Lip balm, Self Tanner. Baby oil, an extra brush set, Brow gel etc etc, I can get her to visit a parlor for treatment, facial or massage and where they can take care of our infant too, while she get her special treatment, so I started searching on internet for that, and I find out that Charisma beauty salon in Perth, WA provides all this facility. And I also called all our friends and relatives for a surprise birthday party for her. So that day I felt very relieved after watching that.

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