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Bobby Needs Us Again

Remember a month or two ago when Bobby and his converted bus were in the contest and we all voted?

Well, as you probably know, he won. We were the force that pushed him over the edge, and he was very thankful for our help.

This week is the finals, which determines who actually wins the prize. He and one other guy have been going back and forth between first and second place.

Complications...who needs them?

On The Life Of An Ordinary Teenager

Life will be full of good things. You can never forget how to act when something or someone is presented to you. You need to have a small organized plan to not humiliate yourself completely. I had this crush on a guy that i had never talked to. He was older then me and didn't even know my name. It was not until i noticed my feelings for this stranger that i realized i needed to know more. Getting the courage to do something you'd never thought you'd ever do is an accomplishment. Thanks to social networking, i found my small amount of courage to speak to him. You can also be overwhelmed with nervousness. Which was pretty much my case. He was this guy in my bus who was not very social or present in the bus but, he managed to catch my eye anyhow. The minute i got rejected i felt like my life was a living hell. I managed to get over it eventually but never fully managed to erase it from my mind. I had asked him the most bizarre questions there are and made him feel, probably uncomfortable. But i didn't know what to do because he was actually really nice. I proposed that if things were making him feel awkward he could tell me and i'd leave him alone. Worst part is, he told me please. Ever since, i've been noticing him even more but most importantly, he was actually noticing me. The situation was complicated enough, but i wanted more. I was dreaming about this guy that i barely knew. In the bigger matter, i learned that honesty can always solve a couple of your problems but never fully manages to solve them all. That's when your self control and judgement comes in. You need to count to three and do it if you wanna know what happens. Especially, when love comes in the picture.

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