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Seeing Her Again


I looked at the route that Google Maps gave me to drive my RV back to Austin. The route went right past Mandeville, Louisiana. That's where Katya lives.

I hadn't seen her in years. We broke up four years ago, and I only saw her once since then, three years ago. She randomly showed up with her fiancee and took all of the big stuff she'd left at my house. Her fiancee apologized as we carried her bed frame that I'd been sleeping on for a year to his car.

4:30am - Broadway Idiot

On Thinking Out Loud

It's 4:30am and I've been crying about Green Days American Idiot Broadway show because I just watched Broadway Idiot on Netflix. When the touring show came to Edmonton me and my mum drove up to see it and I cried so much during the show. Then we were sitting in the car waiting to leave and the cast was out by the buses and I really wanted to go get a picture but I started to have a panic attack and I really regret being a hermit now.

I'm so ridiculous, who cries at Green Day? Apparently the same girl who cries at the Beatles Love Cirque Du Solei show.

American Idiot was just such a good show and I love Green Day so much and because of where I live I might never get to see them live and that really upsets me. So American Idiot is sorta the closest thing to seeing them live (?) I guess...

ALSO, there was this one really really cute ensemble member and I never figured out who it was so I just spent the last half hour finding out who he was. I'm a stalker.

This is some weird shit to share on the internet...

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