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Being a Mutant

It didn't occur to me until about a week ago that I am a mutant.

When genes duplicate, the overwhelming majority of them are copied with perfect fidelity, with only the occasional rogue gene mutating into something unexpected. Most of these mutations, called neutral mutations, have no real effect.

Once in a while, though, a gene mutates, and happens to produce a significant difference in its host, and that difference affects the host's survivability.

Mission 7 - 1st session

On Basilico

I love this mission! It makes so much sense! I don't think this is silly at all. It's useful and very helpful. After I wrote my last post I was keen on finding a way to deal with how I feel about my ideals. Or rather, a way to deal with how they make me feel (not that good). My MITs were to write down a list of the things 'I do right', my positive qualities, and things I like doing/are fun. Then in the evening I read the mission (I'm European time) and I thought it was so much better than my own mission :) because it doesn't make look away from what I don't like about myself and then focus on things I like better, it makes me look at what I don't like and accept it. Really good.

Today I did my first session, and it was easier than I expected. Maybe because I knew it would only take about 3 minutes. I feel uncomfortable about not having achieved as much as I would have liked professionally this year. I focused on that. It was like a burning sensation, hard to take. Very quickly though, I felt a wave of compassion and ease as I stayed there. I saw myself as someone who's scared of not achieving enough. I held myself in my on arms and felt much better. I'm human, imperfect, but a good person regardless.

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