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I Wrote a Pickup Book!

Note: If you're new to this site and don't know about my history as a professional pickup artist, read this story first.

Ahoy! One of the reasons I haven't been posting here like crazy since getting fired is that I've been working day and night on my new book about pickup, called Make Her Chase You. I literally work non stop until I am too hungry or tired to function, then I take a nap or eat and start again. In fact, I've probably been working harder recently than I ever have. It's been fun and I am super proud of the result!

I haven't officially launched the book yet because I'm waiting on a better payment processor. Right now it goes through paypal, which adds extra steps and is confusing to people (because it looks like you need paypal to buy it, even though you don't). Anyway... I figure that anyone reading my site is probably smart enough to deal with the extra steps, so I'm announcing it here.

About this blog

On Rafael Guerra

So I wrote an apocalyptic science fiction novel last year and self-published it. I had never written anything before but always wanted to do it. Of course, I did not expect it to sell I just wanted to get my stories out and get better as I kept writing. I did get a few people to read it, and for the most part, they liked it but some pointed out some grammatical and style errors which I knew the book would have as I edited the book and I have no writing or editing experience.

So after a year I have hardly promoted the book so not too many have read it. I had been thinking of starting a blog to post my self-published novel and other novels I am working on but always never made time. I finally decided to do it so this is where I stand.

I will be posting pages from my book in the blog and writing other short stories and when I’m done with the second part of my novel. I will post those chapters as well.

Furthermore, I love to cook and I will post some of my favorite recipes, but for the most part, the blog will be about my writing.

Here is a review that I got. The book is called Chloros

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