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I Wrote a Pickup Book!

Note: If you're new to this site and don't know about my history as a professional pickup artist, read this story first.

Ahoy! One of the reasons I haven't been posting here like crazy since getting fired is that I've been working day and night on my new book about pickup, called Make Her Chase You. I literally work non stop until I am too hungry or tired to function, then I take a nap or eat and start again. In fact, I've probably been working harder recently than I ever have. It's been fun and I am super proud of the result!

I haven't officially launched the book yet because I'm waiting on a better payment processor. Right now it goes through paypal, which adds extra steps and is confusing to people (because it looks like you need paypal to buy it, even though you don't). Anyway... I figure that anyone reading my site is probably smart enough to deal with the extra steps, so I'm announcing it here.

Your 20's are Your Time to Shine & Work

On Striving For Happiness

Lately i've been having condescending thoughts to older people around me. I wonder how they can never work. How can they never hustle? What's the deal with them? Then, I realized, i'm 22 years old. The people I'm being an asshole to are in their 30s, 40s, 50s, and even 60s...

I have heard from so many people I respect (RSD Tyler, Tai Lopez, Tony Robbins) that you just start slowing down when you get older. Tony used to work for 18 hours a day for 7 days straight in his 20s, and so did Tyler, and so did Tai. AS they grew their empire they all slowed down..... Also, if you have kids, then yeah you HAVE to slow down when you get older.

For a while I got really into Buddhism, and honestly - i still believe it's the only religion/solution to save our world - however I was born a self-improvement/capitalist/neurotic. I imagine when i'm in my 40s or 50s I will chill out and become really Buddhist again, but for the next 18 years i'm going to hustle.

Even when I was a Buddhist - I wanted to becoming the best Buddhist - I meditated for 1 hour a day, read Buddhist books for 1-3 hours, and attended Buddhist classes. I became one of the best Buddhists lol.

However, one thing really got me. My life wasn't congruent. I lived with 3 friends. Neither had a single inclination of Buddhistvatta in them (basically the buddhist word for philanthropist). One of my really close friends was just kind of an asshole to everyone around him. He was a great friend (sort of) to me, but yeah....

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