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Becoming a Pro Poker Player

For a couple days last week I didn't work. I woke up, walked to Casa, ate my lunch, sat with my friends until lunch hours ended, and then sat in the empty restaurant, staring out the window.

What do I want to do with my life? Not the whole thing, but right now.

Conversion Doubler isn't going to get off the ground. It turns out that too many people have bizarre unique requirements that reduce it's usefulness. The book is going okay, but at the end of the day I hate marketing and don't want to spend my time doing it.

My new blog platform

On Alan's Journey

Some weeks ago I found a new blogging platform that I really liked the look of, so I've decided to try it out for a while. I've imported all my old posts and I'll be doing new posts from this new platform (http://sett.com/bloggers).

If it doesn't work out as I'd like, then I'll be transferring everything back to Wordpress, but I'll give it a go and see where we end up.

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