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Guerrilla Karaoke


As you may have read in the past, Doug and I host Karaoke every Wednesday at Firehouse Lounge in Austin, TX. We now also host it at Shakespeare's on Tuesdays. Tazeroke, which started as a one time event, has now become a weekly event. Yep, we electrocute people every week with an 800k volt stun baton. Somehow no one has shut us down yet.


Feast or Famine?

On On the Side of the Good

The first course was a pot of incredible gumbo—with gumbo crabs. Those of you who can appreciate blue crabs know what a treat that is. I promise you the second course shrimp were enormous. Real Gulf Shrimp, a culinary jackpot for those of us no longer living near the Coast. My Aunt and Uncle traveled this weekend from New Orleans, gumbo and shrimp in tow, and went out of their way to bring us a feast of generosity.

Seeing the shrimp and gumbo, smelling them cook, feeling the crispy French bread, and hearing laughter in the midst of good conversation – were all the foundation for the making of a great memory. The teacher part of me will tell you that memory is solidified when as many senses can be engaged in an activity.

The Good People who go out of their way to make special memories out of ordinary circumstances fill us with grace and joy. Whether it be special memories made in a routine baseball weekend, or my Mom’s stunning Thanksgiving table masterpiece, or a birthday gift well-thought, coupled with a special handwritten message, wrapped in our favorite colors-- when people go out of their way to make a special memory for us, they offer us a gift sent directly from the heart. We are able to feast on their unceasing enthusiasm for Living Well.

Living Well isn’t a matter of finances. Living Well is making ordinary extraordinary. It’s living in a tiny space, but making it wonderfully cozy and safe for those you love. Feasting on special tiny touches cements memories in our souls. There is no greater gift we can give our children, or others we treasure, than the Gift of a Good Memory. At the end of our time here, our Good Memories will reveal to us that we have feasted on Love our whole lives.

When has someone gone out of his or her way to make your ordinary extraordinary? Who finds a way to engage all of your senses in a manner that allows you to feast on Goodness? What are you doing to allow others to feast on the grace of your kindness? It is with a heart full of love and gratitude that I thank my Aunt and Uncle for the Love they shared with my family this weekend, and for the Feast my other Aunt and Uncle brought two weekends ago!! We are so incredibly blessed. The snapshot below is one image from our Feast—the springboard for a lasting memory of Family.

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