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Quitting BTYB?

Maybe by definition, but not in spirit.

I've been thinking a lot about BTYB / LN over the past couple weeks, which lead to the survey from yesterday (please take a minute to fill it out if you haven't already). Tonight I had a conversation about all this with Carl Zetterlund, a long time reader who is doing a segment of LN with me right now.

So, I think it's time to make some changes. Here are the problems, as I see them:

2. What's a tern anyway?

On The Itinerant Tern

Tern would have been my "hacker" alias if I hadn't found out that I was being a silly goose. I recently got this idea that I wanted to be an active member of the future, not just another consumer. To me that means speaking the language of computers, the Internet, maybe even robots and AI. I couldn't think of anything else that could multiply a single person's efforts the way a few lines of code can. No matter how long I live, I am limited in how much I can accomplish with my hands. Fingers on a keyboard, however, are limitless.

One of my projects is to become a competent hacker before I'm 37. I start practically at square one, and I've read that worthwhile ventures take at least a decade of steady effort. There are more than enough blogs out there about self-improvement, philosophy, traveling, etc. It's mostly noise as far as I can tell. The few that stand out typically chronicle unusual journeys into uncharted space. People tune in because they can observe the writer exploring and learning about a topic of mutual interest. Maybe this thing I'm doing will be useful to some nub in the future who will be curious about starting a similar journey.

I'm thinking of running several threads about my projects in order to observe my own progress over time. These currently include learning programming (starting with Python), becoming nomadic, capoeira, automating my job, learning Portuguese, and hopefully improving my health. For the dead time, I'll spam personal musings, because everyone loves to hear themselves talk amiright? Today I jotted down about two hundred random blog topics full of 27-year-old wisdom, and I can't wait to burden the internets with them. Let's see if I can keep up a page a day.

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